What To Expect From Your Realtor


When working with a realtor, especially if it’s your first time buying or selling a home, you should know what to reasonably expect from him or her in during the process. Of course while you should expect that your realtor is licensed and familiar with the Lakeshore real estate markets, there are some other intangible qualities to expect.

Time is one of the most important things you should expect from your realtor. That simply means that the realtor you work with should generous with their time when interacting with you. They should be available when you call them, or if not, they should return your call on a timely basis. If you have questions, you should expect your realtor to answer them fully, respectfully, and patiently. You should never feel like you’re an inconvenience. They should provide you with a list of local lenders with the lowest fees and best service. If selling, they should help you craft a top notch listing.

The buying or selling process can take time. Long or short, your realtor should communicate frequently with you regarding any changes in the markets, feedback from potential buyers, regular and timely updates on new listings coming to market that may be right for you, and more. A good realtor will respond quickly to a text message, an email, or a phone call; and even if they are unable to address your concerns or questions in the moment, they should at least acknowledge your contact and give you an estimated time when they will be able to get back to you. And then they should follow through as promised. If you’re looking to buy a home in this current market, your realtor should be in contact with you daily.

On top of everything else, your realtor should know and understand all the legal documentation, regulations, and rules involved in buying and selling a home and how they vary from community to community. Also, your realtor should be well versed in the differences between buying a single-family home or a condominium. You don’t want to come to your closing and have it derailed because of missing or incomplete documentation, whether it’s an unclear title or a required inspection. Your realtor should have a network of experts - mortgage consultants, home inspectors, structural engineers and attorneys - that he or she can call on for expert advice.

Because today’s real estate markets move so quickly, be sure your realtor uses the most current and state of the art technologies. In addition to a modern, multi-functional cell phone, they should have an online website along with a mobile application that you can use easily to communicate with them and search through their listings as well as the broader MLS. Since there are  many documents that will require your signature, your realtor should have an application that will allow them to obtain your signature even when you can’t meet in person. This avoids delays and makes the process go more smoothly. 

Your realtor should be professional, courteous, thorough, proactive, experienced, technologically savvy, and successful. With 15 years of serving the West Michigan and Lakeshore communities, our realtors can assist you successfully in achieving all of your real estate goals.
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