Easy Ways to Improve Your Home For A Better Sale Price


If you’d like to get top dollar for your home without investing a lot of money in expensive remodeling or upgrades, there are several simple, inexpensive, yet effective things you can do to increase the appeal and value of your home to a potential buyer. 

First of all, spackle and repaint any walls that need repair. Painting is one of the simplest and inexpensive improvements you can make to your home, yet it can pay big dividends when you sell. A pristinely painted room with smooth, unspoiled walls has an attractive appeal to the eye and makes a room look new and fresh. If the original color of the room was unusually bright, intense, or out of the current spectrum of favored decorator colors for homes at this time, you should consider repainting with a more neutral color. Beiges, soft grays, pale blues or greens are all good choices. Neutral doesn’t have to be bland. Check several home listings and home decorating sites for ideas. 

Make simple, basic repairs where needed throughout your house. Repair the ripped screen door to the patio. Repair or replace broken window shades. Install new washers to stop leaky faucets. Replace old, faded, dirty, or worn welcome mats. If you’ve got popcorn ceilings, get a solution from your local hardware store and smooth them out for a more modern, less dated look. Tighten loose doorknobs or replace them if they’re overly tarnished or outdated. Remount any screens that have come loose on windows or doors. Replace burned out light bulbs in every lighting fixture, and if any of your light fixtures are broken, tarnished, or outdated, replace them with new ones that are more contemporary and attractive. Clear out any dust bunnies or cobwebs on ceilings or floors, and don’t forget the porch either. Sweep your porch and patio thoroughly to get rid of dirt, dead leaves, and grass clippings from the mower. Remove any weeds or grass growing up in the cracks of your sidewalks or driveway. 

If you want to go a step farther, you can increase your home’s curb appeal with a little, simple, low-cost landscaping. Shrubs and plants can make your home more attractive, and those that are water conserving and drought resistant require minimal maintenance. Be sure to keep your lawn neatly mowed and green with regular watering.

Finally, you can appeal to the green movement which is so popular today by adding weather stripping to doors that prevent drafts in winter, saving money on heating and reducing your eco footprint. For a little more money, you could consider adding solar panels or installing a tankless water heater.

These basic, simple steps will improve the appeal and saleability of your home so you get the maximum price possible. Our realtors have a wealth of tips and advice to help you in this area, so feel free to contact us today.

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